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Mission Support Network is a newly emerging mission project that is arising out of a passion for the underserved remote peoples of Papua New Guinea.

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Latest Updates:

May, 2010: Engine being installed, association set up, nearly ready to launch!
It gets more exciting each month as we get closer to launch.  Thanks to the big help of friends in PNG we now have official tax exempt status for Mission Support Network Association Incorporated in PNG.  Also the news is that the new engine for Charlie has arrived in Australia and is being installed.  The plan is to fly off 100 hours before taking Charlie up to PNG.  It won't be long now!

June, 2009: Hope On Wings Foundation is established!
This month Bob Stewart of 1040 TAX in College place, along with Jack and Elana Sample have established Hope On Wings Foundation for the purpose of raising support for Mission Support Network and other organizations such as Laity Mobile Health Service mentioned on this website.  Application for 501 C3 status is in progress. Please play for this fledgeling organization and let us know if you can help with fund raising.

May, 2009: The beginnings of a support group in the US is established!
This month a group of us have begun the proceedings toward establishing a foundation in the US to support Mission Support Network in PNG.  We believe this is the year for the long awaited launch of this project after the major setbacks in 2007.  Jack and Elana Sample are making preparations for a move to PNG in November of this year and we hope to have operations in progress soon after.  Currently paperwork is moving forward for the setting up of a non-profit associatioin in PNG.  Please pray for this work. Click Here to read latest newsletter...

March 3, 2008: Veteran Mission Pilots gather to welcome Charlie back to Mission Service!  Sunday 2nd of March saw several veteran mission pilots who had flown and grown to respect and appreciate Charlie gather at Warnervale aerodrome to reconnect with this fine missionary aircraft.  Click Here to read the rest of the story...

February 28, 2008: At last the plane is a reality! Trevor has taken delivery of the 206 and is preparing it for its work in PNG. Believe it or not, this is the exact same plane you see pictured in the header above. This plane served in the field with Adventist Aviation since it was purchased new in the late 70s. A number of items are needing attention as of yet.  New flint wing extension fuel tanks and undercarriage legs among other items. We are hopeful that the money will come in for these items quickly so this special plane that was in God's service since late 70s can head back where it belongs!  Click here to read full story in newsletter section.

October 14, 2007: An update on progress.  We believe we will have a Cessna 206 in our hands in the very near future and that it will be ready to fly up to PNG by early next year.  We covet your prayers.

May 21, 2007:  Sadly, during Jack's trip to PNG Trevor had to take the leased plane back to Australia due to the holdup of the paperwork and we are now praying for another solution. We are confident that God has a plan and we expect to see this become clear over the next month or so.  Keep praying!  Many positive developments are in the works with Silas Morgan of Vanimo, PNG.  We will report on those as they become reality.

January 23: Just got word from Trevor that he is back in PNG and the paperwork we need is done and sitting on the desk of the person that needs to sign it. It then needs to go to the CAA so that they can add the aircraft to the ops spec of NAS. Then he can finalize hangar and house at Vanimo and go to Moresby and do the orientation with the plane with NAS.  PLEASE PRAY for this to happen quickly as our benefactor who leases us the airplane needs to have it working to make the payments!

January 22: Today Trevor is heading back to PNG after a short break in Australia. We are praying for the paperwork to come through for the extension of approval to operate our Australian registered aircraft for another term of 6 months and then hopefully one more year until Simon has it paid for and can register it in PNG. 

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